Starlink: Battle for Atlas for the extremely low price

Starlink: Battle for Atlas for the extremely low price


Starlink Battle for Atlas Standard Edition A couple years ago Ubisoft put out an interesting experiment of a game: Starlink: Battle for Atlas. It mixed a vast in-game world with physical collectible toys that rewarded players for acquiring as many of the physical ships as possible.In 2018 Ubisoft's Matthew Rose gave a talk on the origins of Starlink: Battle for Atlas showing off how a project that started in a company game jam grew to being one worthy of the company's full development efforts.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas never really made a big splash on any platforms but it ended up selling best on Switch nonetheless. Looks like Ubisoft is still trying to squeeze some cash out of this one by offering a special deal in Europe.As long as you don't mind going with the digital version you can grab Starlink: Battle for Atlas for the extremely low price of £12.59 / €14.39. This offer ends on Sept. 17th 2020 so you've got a few days to mull the purchase over.If you want to Buy Starlink Battle for Atlas Deluxe Edition , we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas was announced back at E3 2017 alongside the likes of Beyond Good And Evil 2 before Ubisoft showed it off a little bit more the following year. The game released for PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch back in October 2018 before coming to PC the following April. Starlink received mixed reviews boasting Metacritic scores of 70 47 and 78 on PS4 Xbox One and Switch respectively.Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas giveaway followed the company’s first Happy Holidays offer which was a bundle of content for the recently-released – and rather successful – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.