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All these EO gamers that are shitting on those who wanted a light weight version of the EVE Mobile ISK game are only here playing Echoes because they couldn't cut it on the entire PC version... they could not flex there.. Now they have the mobile version to try and flex.... How lame and sad for all these lamo individuals...

I got camped traveling through lowsec a few times since the change occurred. Thankfully I was facing my screen and the camps had been lazy, so I just slammed warp stabs and was able to escape. Frigates may speedtank gate guns right now (there are articles on this particular sub about it), and a great deal of gate guns in lowsec are broken up in the moment and do not shoot.That's only a matter of time until this thing will spread.

I played a lot of EO back in the afternoon, I can count on my fingers the number of times I have been gatecamped. It isn't the huge scourge you believe that it is. Nex you'll be saying it is unfair that warp disruptors exist.I have different knowledge in EO though. While the two of us can be a non representative choice, I believe elevated number of encounter runners going to LS for experiences and storylines in the moment will be a lucrative target for campers. Everyone's impression of how poor sec gate camping will operate is based on EO. There's not any indication low sec gate camping will get uncontrolled in EE.

In the moment? Probably. I have seen instances when Tama was continuously camped by several disco-domis with Buy EVE Mobile ISK support fleet. It had been one of the nearest LS-gate to Jita and had heavy visitors to faction war. If there's no curiosity about LS and no traffic no wonder exits are not camped.Here in EE we have all experiences above T5 to spawn in LS and a great deal of mission-runners running for them.

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