We are not sure if future updates will have precisely the very same steps or not

We are not sure if future updates will have precisely the very same steps or not


Unlike previous entries in the show, Nook's Cranny will not update simply by spending money at the shop. That is still a pre-requisite, but the animal crossing items new horizons biggest factor is time. Following 29-30 days of becoming an active resident on your own island, the store will automatically close and reestablish to a larger version. You can speed the process up by time skipping, but you'll want to change your system's clock with one day and then relaunch the match. You can not just do.

The second step is connected to bells. You are going to have to collect 200,000 bells spent/earned in the shop. This means that you invest a good deal of money and sell a whole lot of items to the Nooklings. You will probably have this without actually trying, however you can just see once a day and buy some random items to be sure you have it.

Last, Mable of the Able Sisters should have seen your island at least one time. You do not have to unlock the Able Sisters' store, however this prickly hedgehog has to be at your island once to update Nook's Cranny. You can spot her near your Resident Services Building on random days selling some products. Discussing her is key to unlocking the shop, so in the event that you have that, you're all good.

As soon as you've met all these requirements, your shop should update on its own after the required period has passed. We are not sure if future updates will have precisely the very same steps or not, but it appears Nintendo packed more waiting into New Horizons. That's perfectly fine as we all cope with self-isolation.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - What Is The Deal With Gulliver's Shipmates?

While wandering along the scenic beach of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons island paradise you may have sometimes come across something which looks like the water-logged corpse of Donald Duck washed up on your shores. That can be Gulliver, the sea-faring seagull who, despite being a veteran boat captain, appears to cheap Animal Crossing Bells fall forward rather frequently. You'd think by now an old sea dog - or bird in this case - could be much better at not tumbling into the ocean and almost drowning. Unless it is not actually his fault.

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