How long are you holding an item that you have flipped?

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Woodcutting is simple and OSRS GP quick, up to the eighties. Then I began slowing down to a minimum every week. Here's a quick outline of the fastest levels you can obtain: 1-15 Basic wood that are south of the ge either sell them to the ge, cut into unstitched bows and market them to the general store, or even burn the wood. Pick the best hatchet you can , as soon as you're able to use it.

15-30 Oaks to the south of ge. The ge can sell them. Cut them into unstrung bows and sell them to the general store or burn them. Pick up an adamant hatchet. place a rune with a dragon hatchet inside the bank to be used later.

31-68 Cut willows Barbarian assult. Burn them, or drop them to get up to 20k additional wc exp per hour, but also lose huge amounts of fm exp. Change to the dragon hatchet once you get 61 wc. 68+ Cut ivy at any spot you like, and wear a rabbits foot necklace. Be wary of bird nests.

I currently earn 2 mil a day merching with p2p. I currently have 38 million cash that i merch with and i have an approximate net worth of 40-42 mil.

I'd like to know better strategies. I'm not asking you what your items are and what you do to make merchandising easier. What industries do you focus on? What is the length or duration of your investments? Do you flip? How long are you holding an item that you have flipped?

I buy merchandise that runescape 2007 gold has large buy limits (10k-25k). I tend to flip. i focus on foods or runes, as well as pots. I keep track of a few things that i'm sure will break frequently and earn profit from it too. I am constantly switching expensive guns and armours that I use in order to keep my money and increase my earnings sometimes. I've sold my bgs when it crashed at 8 miles and sold my fury just before it crashed, and then bought one for 13 mil . I traded it for 14.5 mil. We bought claws and lent them out one mil in total, and the rest was sold. Because armour and weapons are often in a perpetual decline, it's a good idea to keep things in check like that.

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